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Luxury Bath

Bring your dog in for a relaxing aromatherapy bath ... not only will your dog come back happy and feeling great, you will be thrilled at how wonderful your dog smells and looks! Starts at $35 which includes a manicure/pedicure and ear cleaning.


Come in for our maintenance which is perfect between groomings. It includes a luxury bath, a professional blow out with a complete comb through, a sanitary cut (belly and butt), feet trimmed, nails cut and pads shaved, a face clean up and ear cleaning. This starts at $50.

Grooming and Specialty Cuts

Tiny Tails offers those exclusive cuts without the hefty exclusive pricing! Our grooming ranges from those easy to maintain great haricuts to extreme scissor cuts ... You tell us what you want and we will get you there! Starting from $70.


Leave your dog with us for the day! Monitored, comfortable, safe ... Allow your dog to decompress from his/her normal routine! Starting $22 for half day.

Cageless Grooming

Don't want your dog to spend any time in a crate? We understand! Add cageless grooming to your appointment request. Dogs need to take a break between their bath, grooming and finish cut. Why not break for in our relaxing pillow filled daycare room where you could even watch him/her enjoy themselves! $12 add on.


Ask for something fun and we will accommodate you! Whether it's a mohawk, dying bits and pieces of your dog, highlights, feather extensions or even... earrings (not pierced), we will make your best friend stand out! $8 and up.

Matted dogs

It's happened to the best of us! Life pulls us away from the constant up keep of our dogs coat, they gets caught in the rain & just like that, we have a matted coat that is impossible to fix. We break it down to a science. Your dog gets two haircuts, two baths & a relaxing re moisturizing wrap. After your dogs skin has been covered by that thick matted hair, his/her skin needs a good moisture boost! This ranges from $10-$30 on top of a grooming.

New client?

Is this your first time visiting Tiny Tails Grooming? If so, you're in luck! We would love to show you the Tiny Tails difference. We'll UPGRADE your first groom with us to cage free...just mention this offer. Hope to see you and your furry friend soon!