We welcome your dog

“We hope to give you an inside view of Tiny Tails. We are focused on providing high-quality service with superior customer satisfaction. we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.”

- kristin livan

our history.

Where we come from

If this is your first time learning of Tiny Tails, allow us to give you a brief background on us. In April of 2005, we opened our doors on 14th Avenue and 86th Street for the first time not truly knowing what to expect or how we would be welcomed. Because of our loyal and consistent clients, the word spread about how dedicated we were to the dogs. 

small breeds.

What we specialize in

We specialized in small breeds and concentrated on the behavior of each dog individually. Slowly we developed a customized routine to small dog care, one that calms and makes your best friend feel comfortable. Grooming isn't a one time process, most small dogs need this kind of care monthly therefore, each and every grooming should be a positive and fun experience. Everyone here at Tiny Tails has multiple dogs so we understand the importance of keeping them happy and beautiful!

our location.

treat your dog

Towards the end of 2010, it was clear we had out grown our tiny Tiny Tails. June of 2011, we relocated, expanding our small, quaint shop for a storefront we had always dreamt of! Bright with windows corner to corner giving a full view of all that goes on, large enough for the dogs to be a comfortable distance from each other, beautiful as we spent months designing a soothing and elegant decor for both dog and owner alike. Our minimalist style makes keeping Tiny Tails clean, fresh, and smelling that way as well!

we listen.

home for the day

With our expansion, we had many requests to add something like daycare for those customers who would like to have their dogs groomed but have to work or have errands to run or simply want their dog to spend the day out of the house. Well, we listened. Our "homelike" store features a beautiful, pillow filled, park-themed daycare area! It gives your best friend a chance to stretch, run, and play, with a few nap times over a closely monitored day. When you come to pick him/her up, you get a present too ... your pooch will be cleaned, fluffed, and smelling fantastic!