What kind of shampoos do you use?

Our shampoos only consist of high quality, all natural ingredients. Through the years, we have sampled other companies only to come back to Aroma Paws & Natures Specialties. For those dogs with sensitive skin and allergies ... we have plenty of options to relieve that hot, itchy skin! Want to read more about our shampoo choices?

grooming time.

How long does grooming normally take?

Normally, a full grooming take about 3 hours. Why? It is crucial to us for your dog to be calm, relaxed, hydrated and happy throughout the grooming process. After a bath, we are sure you have seen for yourself, dogs are eager to go to the bathroom (similar to the way we need to "go" when we hear dripping water) and romp around...shaking and rubbing about! We allow them to do that ... why wouldn't we? So instead of immediately getting started on their haircut, they are allowed to "decompress"! They are allowed to drink, roll and enjoy their "cleanliness" which goes hand in hand with them bonding with us! Each dog gets hand dried and brushed out! No cage driers or heat driers are used! The grooming then begins however, have you ever stood up in one spot for an hour straight?? Not fun! So we allow your dog to relax, kiss us (which we can't help), walk around if needed ... Again, water is always available to them! After the haircut, your dog is allowed to play in our single dog only areas (if not in cagefree or daycare). Is your hair ever the same after you run your fingers through it, walk around, have the wind blow through it?? No! So after some shaking it off, we go back to make sure the haircut we gave is perfect! We always call 15 minutes before your dog is ready to give you time to come pick up ... this way he/she is fresh off the table when you see their makeover!

cage free.

Cagefree and Daycare seem to be offered more and more. What's different about your store?

We closely monitor your dog. Cage free to us does not mean dogs get full range while we are preoccupied grooming ... Responsible cage free means dogs are monitored in a large, safe, and comfortable area, have thorough behavior checks to assure no one is at risk, and vaccinations are current! Would you leave your dog in a dog park without watching him/her? No, therefore we are your eyes when you aren't there.

dog comradery.

My dog isn't great with other dogs. What are my other options?

There are two options for dogs who may not be great with other dogs.

1) In our cage free area, we have individual 4'x5' booths where your dog is securely behind a gate in our day care area but still exposed to viewing other dogs, being able to watch the foot traffic outside, fresh spring water, a large fluffy bed, toys and you will even be able to see your dog from the street!

2) We also have a crate bank across from a window lined wall to offer to those dogs and owners alike who rather a crate. Each cage is lined with a thick cozy shearling mat for optimum comfort! Some dogs just prefer it ... so why would we force your dog to be social with other dogs if they aren't keen on other dogs??? Water is readily available, you are free to bring your own treats or we can provide your dog with organic treats to make their time positive!

can i watch.

Can I stay with my dog while he/she is being groomed?

You are more than welcome to watch us working in the back on other dogs but not your dog. Why? We work with very sharp instruments and your dog is most likely very loyal and attached to you ... to eliminate any risk to your dog and give the best haircut, we need his/her complete attention. Chances are, if you follow us on Facebook, you will catch a video or picture of us working on your dog anyway!!